Fly Fishing Pink Salmon: Beach Gear
Fly fishing gear and tackle
Ken Tanaka is back! This time at the 2018 The Fly Fishing Show Denver, Colorado. This show kicks off the largest consumer fly fishing show in the world. Also the debut of the International Fly [More]
The contents will vary, but here is a sample of what I like to carry in my tackle bag. I really encourage you to have a variety of strike indicators, tippet, tapered leaders, and sink [More]
So you got an itch to try some fly fishing in Texas, but you you’re not too sure about what equipment you may need? Well Sean Polk from Tailwaters Fly Fishing Shop in Dallas, TX [More]
This video is a beginners guide to choosing the type of fly fishing pack that is best for you. In this video we give our thoughts on the pros and cons between a vest, chest [More]
In this episode of Getting Started in Fly Fishing, Brian Flechsig breaks down the most important accessories to have that will get you started on the right track. Let us know what you think! Accessories [More]
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