Total channel catfish in the video: 12 Best channel catfish in the video: 13:13 (& 15:17) I was catfishing from shore at a river in New York during summer (late .\r\rTotal channel catfish in the [More] . Fishing shrimp as live bait. This video will show you how to catch shrimp for live bait fishing. Fishing with live bait is a great technique. Learn more at – everything about [More]
Zoom Bait Pro Marty Stone gives an excellent tip on how to eliminate line twist when rigging a Zoom Ol Monster or Mag II worm.
What is The BEST BASS LURE? In uncertain conditions, unfamiliar water, or just one of those FRUSTRATING days, what is the BEST LURE to throw? I always say…Go with Your CONFIDENCE LURE! But is it [More]
Detailed description on how to get the most out of you Flukes or Soft Jerkbaits. From fixing a bent fluke to catching fish on one. It’s all in here.
Watch and you will see 1/4 oz split shot at the eye of the Gamakatsu Wide gap hook 4/0 ! Before the weight was added I was throwing weightless working multiple techniques but, no intrest [More]
In this video I wanted to see does it matter what brand you use for bass fishing and which plastic worm bait will catch the most. I will give my opinion on them. Surprising results. [More] | Carp Fishing Rigs Video | Advanced Bottom Bait Rig. ExpertAngling guide to the freshwater fish of Britain, including advice on coarse fishing baits, techniques, fishing tackle and carp fishing rigs.
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