I try one of my favorite passive fishing techniques the Yo-Yo Automatic Fishing Reel and try to adapt it to Ice Fishing. The Yo-Yo’s were tested for freeze up and sensitivity in a quest for [More]
Long video but keeping it “Reeltime!” Running Yo Yo’s and catching catfish. Day and night fishing for catfish BUY WORM GITTER HERE! http://dukessportpro.com/
This is just a quick video how I set up and store my yo-yos for catfishing
The yoyo hand reel (aka Cuban Yo-Yo) has been around for ages. In fact, using a hand reel was the primary way to catch fish for many years (before these nice fancy reels came around). [More]
This is a follow up video to the last yo yo trap video. It demonstrates how to rig a jug set from the bank with minimal supplies for survival fishing! If you support SIGMA 3 [More]
Yo-Yo Fishing Reel & Military Speedhook https://youtu.be/iSoczhFd-z0 School of Self Reliance introduces the Yo-Yo Fishing Reel and the Military Speedhook as Sustainment Gear to keep in your Bug Out Bag. Remember to have multiple ways [More]
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