This video is about INSANE Catalina Fishing Trip
Aboard the Fury outta Dana Wharf, We do a overnight trip & the weather gave us a little window that got the yellows to bite, we landed some nice ones and had a beautiful day [More]
Please watch: “Bream & Blues Ep. 1 Some Days” –~– Threadfin shad are a primary food source for basses, catfish and other species. This threadfin shad lure mimics the colors and action of threadfin [More]
This is an Overview of my Compact Bug Out Survival Bag! Amazon Prime Trial (Supports the Channel) The Outdoor Momma Youtube Channel: Support Us On Patreon: Where we pulled some random Survival [More]
In this episode we go over some equipment we take when traveling outside the country as well as some footage of the adventures we had in Turks and Caicos. Please like, share, and subscribe. GET [More]
Whats shaking homies so today I got a micro yoyo up for unboxing and review. Today we are looking at the Loonie from Rain City Skills. This is a micro or extra small yoyo. This [More]
Tuyệt đỉnh YoYo tập 24 Khiêu chiến với Thiên tài FULL HD Thuyết minh.\r\rTuyệt đỉnh YoYo tập 23, tuyet dinh yoyo tap 23 – Khiêu chiến với thiên tài Bộ phim Tuyệt đỉnh YoYo được [More]
Tuyệt đỉnh YoYo tập 24 có chủ đề Thế lực bóng tối đáng sợ. Francies vẫn bị thế lực bóng tối không chế, và âm mưu ăn cắp Yoyo và thăng cấp cho.\r\rTuyệt đỉnh YoYo [More]