This was our best day of steelhead fishing ever! We hooked over 40 steelhead, fought 30+ and landed over 20! Willamette Valley Outfitters put us on some great fishing.
Big Y Fly Co. discusses a popular method of fishing for steelhead; using beads. From how to rig them up to the various color options available, this is a general explanation of bead fishing.Find the [More]
Check out Black Rifle Coffee ► ► Use my promo code “mfnation” to SAVE on your order!! My son Max and I decided to do a Bull Frog fishing challenge to see if they [More]
a short and easy video of how to make yarn eggs and what you need to make them. These are really easy to make and very effective for salmon when they run up the river. [More]
Fishing with yarn and actually catching big fish was something I always wanted to try ever since I was a kid! I finally did it and well…it works!!! Hope you all enjoyed this video DONT [More]
How to Make Yarn Pom Pom Cupcakes _ Kids Craft by Three Sisters _ DIY Party Decor
This week, Zero Punctuation reviews Kirby’s Epic Yarn and Colorful Apartment Management Simulator 2011, which may in fact be the same game.
Kitchen Nightmares USA S05 E13 Spin A Yarn
Today we’re out on the snowy shorelines targeting Steelhead, bottom bouncing with an artificial egg and yarn fly. I’m in the Lower Niagara River with Lewiston New York in front of me, Queenston Ontario behind [More]