This guy found a pelican bird with a fishing wire around its beak. He saved the poor animal. Hero…
American Fishing Wire Surfstrand Bare 1×7 Stainless
Barbed Wire Sport Fishing 6-30-15
American Fishing Wire Double Barrel Crimp Sleeves Black Color Size 14F8 0.116 -Inch Inside Material Great for 49-Strand Cable or other big game leaders Burr-free Non-Abrasive finish High Strength Corrosion Resistant
10 Tips for Fishing Wire From the Attic
Woodstock 1×7 Stainless Steel Fishing Wire 1000Feet/170-Pounds (.034 DIA) Brown Camo strand satinless Great for Shark Barracuda And other vicous fish Can be used for rigging baits too Use as line or as leader material
Pelican picked up some fishing wire around his beak and a hero saves the pelican of the wire!
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