Its common knowledge to duck hunters that chest wading is dangerous but will they actually pull you under when they fill with water causing you to drown? In this video I fall into a marsh [More]
Today I want to talk about hip waders. Helping you understand the pros and cons of the different types of hip waders, and what kind of hip waders you might want to buy. ▶ Click [More]
A quick video about my chest wader that I use for surf fishing the Oregon coast. This is the Cabela’s spring 5mm wader. It was $179 at Cabela’s.
Finallllly got a pair of waders. I’ve kind of restisted getting them for a long time, not sure why. But first trip with them was pretty darn good and such they will be dubbed the [More]
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In this TAFishing episode Graeme literally gets in the creek to find his fish! But he wears thigh waders, attempting to present his bait in places the other fishermen can’t reach…Another old school method, he [More]
In this episode of Kayak Fishing Tales, Jim Sammons dispels the myth about waders. For all your kayak fishing needs visit HOOK1 Kayak Fishing LEARN Check out some of our other YouTube channels: Kayak [More]
My buddy Ryan called me up to do some trout fishing. This is the first time I have fished for trout using waders. I apologize for the audio as I used my case for fear [More]
Decided to pond hop in the morning but changed my mind when my dad wanted to go wader a local neighborhood pond. Lost a nice size largemouth bass but I was able to land a [More]
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