Bait trap placed near Hurricane Pass off of Dunedin, FL.
EPIC UNDERWATER FOOTAGE OF HUNGRY CATFISH!! I decided to change things up and go bullhead fishing with an underwater waterwolf camera AND use turkey bacon for bait. Can’t wait to use this camera for ice [More]
We filmed the most INSANE Underwater Topwater Footage Ever! Topwater and swimbaits are the holy grail of underwater footage and we’re thrilled to have all this awesome content with a Whopper Plopper, Frog, Spook, glide [More]
Had a fun afternoon with the Aqua Vu. Lots of fish coming though to keep me entertained! Enjoy! Stay Tuned and Subscribe: Underwater Camera: Discounts for my viewers: DellaBay Custom Ice Rods: [More]
I had the idea to just stick the camera down there and see what I could. It was crazy to see how many trout were really down there. Tons of them!! Not exactly the funniest [More]
Jason Mitchell Outdoors – Season 13 Episode 11 Part 1 -Ice Team pro staffers, Jason Mitchell and Tony Mariotti share a few tricks on triggering cold front bluegills with the use of the Vexilar Scout [More]
Finally!! I’ve been wanting to do an underwater shot Perch Fishing on the surf. But unfortunately my camera broke. Right after fishing, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to check the underwater footage at [More]
Ever wonder what it looks like when the walleyes bite your crank bait. This is the video for you. It shows how walleyes react to slow trolling and fast trolling. We were trolling for walleyes [More]
Olen ideoinnut vuosien varrella Video fishing -kalastuksen. Idea on kuvata kalan tärppi ja saada tietysti kala ylös. Sitten voi soveltaa vaikka catch and release kalastusta jatkoksi. Vaikeuskerroin on moninkertainen muihin tapoihin verrattuna. Hyvä suoritus on [More]
First time bringing out the underwater camera for some rock fishing. Kind of risky! But I was determined to get ‘er done. I thought there was a barren waste land out there, but when I [More]