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Couple short fishing videos out and about…
When Veniard supplies the fly materials for a challenge and give you very little the pressure is on,Hywel Morgan has 120 minutes to tie as many flies as he thinks it will take to catch [More]
The future of our rivers rests heavy on the custodians that take on the protection of these environments. It’s not just about putting more fish in the rivers its about maintaining the delicate balance and [More]
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Put an Englishman, a Welshman and a czech in the dee and see the grayling fly out and one fall in. This item first appeared in Fishing Britain episode 003 Sign up for our [More]
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The more I know about brown trout fishing (or fishing in general), the less I understand it. Or, to be precise, the more I learn, the more questions arise. It’s a good thing they don’t [More]
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