If you’re interested in fly fishing rods for trout, the first purchase you’ll need to make is a rod. You’ll quickly find that there are many fly fishing rods available and they come in many [More]
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The Hurricane Calypso Mako 8 Foot Telescopic Fishing Rod is ideal for saltwater and freshwater spinning pole to be able to store in your car or take backpacking or hiking. To learn more go to: [More]
One of my greatest fishing trips of all time with the boys. Or it would have been. Cruised down the beach we kept our eyes peeled because around this time of year crazy surf fishing [More]
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This is the strangest fishing product we have ever seen. Its a fishing rod from Wish.com where users attach a fishing reel to their wrist. Our mission is to catch a fish on this silly [More]
How to pick the right fishing rod and reel for you. Choosing the right rod length, rod power, rod action, baitcasting vs spinning, line weight and more. We will be posting a rod review video [More]
How To Properly Use a Fishing Rod & Reel
Music by Daniel Mehta. http://www.flyfishingoutfitters.com/o… The fish of a thousand casts requires a superior fly rod. Catching a wild steelhead on a fly doesn’t happen on every cast, so choosing a great casting fly rod [More]
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