My mink Black Mamba brings me one fish after another on this quick little fishing trip. To buy my book, hat, or T-shirt follow this link… If you would like to help support my [More]
Note Paneer is stand for cheeseIngredients : • 250gms paneer• 1/4cup corn flour• Salt to taste• 1/3rd cup water• 2tbsp Schezwan sauce• 1tbsp ginger garlic paste• Black pepper for seasoning• 1cup boiled noodle • 2tbsp [More]
For Street Style Tava Paneer Frankie : Ingredients :• 1tbsp Oil • 1 cup Onion paste • 1 tbsp Ginger garlic paste • 2 tsp Red chilli powder •2 tsp Coriander powder • 2 tsp [More]
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Have you ever pointed at the screen and said this when ing Shark Week on the Discovery channel? This very thing happened to me one time, although not .Finally got outside to the blue water. [More]
Quick Tricks For Summer Finesse Fishing