We have built our fishing business on honesty, and we pride ourselves on running a first-class guide service all over the world. We think we’re the best in the business, and our customers seem to [More]
A king cobra was trapped in a fishing net near a rice paddy in east India, and local villagers called snake rescuer Mirza Arif to help on New Year’s Day 2019. After getting the call [More]
Fishing – Awesome Fishing – Catch And Release Big Fish – Best Fishing Videos Compilation,
Deadliest Catch Crab Fishing in Alaska S08 E15 Release the Beast – Part 01
Fishermen on a public beach on Singer Island in Florida struggled to unhook and release a great hammerhead shark after they caught it and dragged it to shore on February 11. Leigh Cobb, a shark [More]
3h00 de zander partie avec Mamare sur le canal de bourgogne,sortie loin d’être facile mais on a bien rigoler…..
RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA — Hook injuries caused by the catch and release method may actually be harmful to fish, study finds. The catch-and-release method is common in recreational fishing, with most people opting to use barbless [More]
Out lake fishing, Paul catches a Pike with a mepps 5 spinner. He removes the barbless hooks in the water (using forceps) – for a quick and safe release.