This is a step by step build video on a project i did for Christmas you get a look at how my build and thought process work start to finish . sorry for the length [More]
Questions or Comments? Email me at: The RodMounts Sumo Suction fishing rod rack attaches to any vehicle with powerful suction cups that work on any smooth, non-porous surface, such as the windshield or rooftop. Installation takes a matter of seconds, [More]
How to make the one device that could save you a lot of money while fishing from a bridge, boat, pier or dock. It’s a homemade leash that keeps your fishing rod and reel from [More]
DIY Fishing rod storage for you wall! This is really cheap and not time consuming. Skill level is beginner.
What is up everyone! Welcome back to another AJVM FISHING adventure. This episode would be a special one since it’s the first time that I’ve done a DIY video. I believe being an angler does [More]
Make A Cheap & Easy DIY Fishing Pole PVC Pipe Rack Holder For Ceiling Or Wall.
This is a quick little how to for anyone looking to build your own rod rack or rod holder to store your fishing rods up out of the way! #Fishing #RodRack #Homemade #DIY #RodStorage SUBSCRIBE [More]
Here are the features of the Fishing Pole Rack: 1. Large drawer to hold loose fishing gear, including a tackle box. 2. Constructed of marine plywood, cedar, and pine 3. Holds 12 rods 4. Wheels [More]
Which One Is The Best One For Your Needs? For months i’ve been using easily the 2 best portable fishing rod racks out on the market. I’ve fished piers, jetties, lava flow outcrops to coral [More]