Outriggers Canoes Whitsunday Regatta 2008
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Betty Bauman of “Ladies, Let’s Go Fishing!” interviews Scott of Tigress at the ICAST 2009 show in Orlando. Scott shows their new carbon fiber telescoping outriggers and electric outrigger t-tops and how they work.
Raw scene from Between The Lines 2 ‘Revelations’ due for release in 2010
Join Capt. Mike as he walks through every step of setting up a trolling spread for dolphin. Lure choices, bait position, and organization are just some of the tips discussed in this Short Strike. New [More]
Setting your lure spread is sometimes more than just good luck. Here are some simple tips to help you understand the behaviour of lures
The GEMLUX® Fishing System is finally here! Watch to see how this revolutionary product line has been developed and tested to be the best fishing system there is. Demand the Best!
It’s time to turn out, zen out, clip, raise lines, raise fish and raise your heart rate with TACO Marine Grand Slam Outrigger Mounts and Telescopic Outrigger Poles.
Matts takes us through the many design features on this new Stabicraft MWS 1550 side console, maximising the space, making the ultimate small fishing boat. For epic fishing action & tips check out: ultimatefishing.tv