Wacky Rings – O-Rings for Wacky Rigging Senko Worms (3,4,5,6″ Variety Pack) Reviewhttp://tinyurl.com/pkglkdj Wacky Rings – O-Rings for Wacky Rigging Senko Worms (3,4,5,6″ Variety Pack) Flip senkos under docks and into cover without fear of [More]
Chaos Rings III The Child 4 turn w/o special shop rings
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Get your the Frenzy Baits Wacky O-Rings – http://bit.ly/2Em5S03 Get your the Frenzy Baits Wacky Saddle O-Rings – http://bit.ly/2EidosF The Perfect O’Ring Kit contains 2-handy application tools and 16 – Magnum O’Rings (for your larger [More]
In this video I show you how to make your own rattling neko rigs for bass fishing. This is a cheap – cost effective way to make a great lure! It’s really go for smallmouth [More]
The Neko rig is a deadly finesse bait for lethargic bass. Its one of those lures that just seems to catch a bigger-than-average bass. If you’re faced with tough weather conditions or bass that just [More]
In this short video I show you how to use the Senko Rubber O-Ring Tool. This tool makes it very easy to put a pre-loaded o-ring on your senko worm rigs. The o-ring also helps [More]
I don’t use O rings here is a tip on using shrink tubing instead of those O rings. prepare ahead and fish more
My all time best bass fishing tip. Use an O-ring to save your bass fishing soft plastic lures when Texas rigging.