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In this video, I address the question of whether or not saltwater lures can be used in freshwater fishing situations. With some exceptions, the answer is ABSOLUTELY!! Here I use a small plastic lure, marketed [More]
In this video I am teaching the viewer about freshwater lures. The link to my slide show is here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1llJ28kOEUHQn4AMN3l5RgHPM935QWB4hlkktb36zwjw/edit?usp=sharing
Ever wondered why one lure works better than another? Let’s head underwater to see the differences between a variety of swimbaits. As we watch, Tim explains why each bait is effective and how to use [More]
I took my friend @captainjon_ out for a fun day exploring a pond that said NO FISHING hoping to find something different! We found BREAD EATING LARGEMOUTH BASS and the prettiest fish I have ever [More]
In this video ride along as Luke Nichols from cat&carps YouTube channel visits Steve for some fun fishing below Barkley dam on the Cumberland River. Luke brings his expertise of the many different ways to [More]
Today I am attempting to catch freshwater fish on a saltwater fishing lure. I received these saltwater lures from Aliex Fishing TV. I take the package down to my local lake where I decide which [More]
Buy Hard Body Lures at bcf.com.au Let Michael Guest take you through a selection of hard body lures that he would use in freshwater.