www.jigging.fr présente “Thon au jig” en mer méditerranée by “Seriola” & “Seriole Killer”. Jigging bluefin tuna Deepjigging Vertical jigging http://www.jigging.fr/jigging/index.php
Thons rouges en no kill sur du 30 lbs,poissons non recherchés intentionnellement, combats survenus au cours d’une partie de peche à l’inchiku et aux leurres souples.
An overview of vertical jigs and how to use them
WATCH IN HD! That Fish Jumped Out Of The Water For His Bait!!!\r\rIf you enjoyed todays video, be sure to like, share and subscribe!!\r\rLyric, Jared and I head out to the ponds on a chilly [More]
Jigs are known for catching bass year round, but they are one of my Summer baits. You can swim them if the fish are higher in the water column or crawl it on the bottom [More]
Fishing – How to make a butterfly jig
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