Taking a break from fishing today to see the doctor and find out what’s going on after brain surgerySUBSCRIBE – WATCH MORE FISHING – GET OFFICIAL FISHING FREAK GEAR HERE FUEL YOUR DAY IN THE [More]
Me and Mike and going hunting 2018 at one of the best dove hunting fields I’ve ever seen. We are using full choke shotguns but the birds are still too high to hit most of [More]
Follow me on snapchat: peelindrag\rInstagram: peelindrag\rFishing a new pond with swim jigs for some huge largemouth bass!
Jig Fishing Basics A Schooling Bass, Deep Water, Big Fish Technique
https://www.youtube.com/c/GizemliBilgilerTv?sub_confirmation=1 Hey Folks! I fished at a new lake on saturday 3/19 which is a lot bigger than most of the lakes that I typically fish. I had went to bed really late on the [More]
evobowhunter: Winter Bass Fishing with Drop shot and Football Jig
I finally got to get out and do some fishing this weekend! Had some challenging conditions with a huge warm front moving through and high pressure skies and wind. Left my swim jigs at home [More]
Take it from Bassmaster Open tournament champion Dave Mansue, Jigs win the most money in bass fishing. If you’re serious about competing in bass tournaments, want to become a professional angler, or you just want [More]