Whether you need a few jigs for an upcoming trip, or you want to spend some time this Winter replenishing your jig arsenal, making your own jigs from scratch is an awesome way to save [More]
In this video tutorial I will show you how I rig my soft baits on to several types of hooks for different fishing techniques. I often use jigheads, offset hooks and dropshot hooks to fish [More]
One technique/lure often dismissed by bass fisherman is the standard round jig head. This jig type can be used regardless of the season or weather and can be utilized to locate fish and where they [More]
GET THEM HERE —– www.jigglefishing.com.au?aff=2 —- https://www.landfishtv.com.au/ – LandfishTV is all about LANDING the fish by land, kayak and boat. In this video I test out the β€˜Head down Tail up’ jigheads against various other [More]
lemme know your thoughts on the Jug Heads.
Swim Jig tips and how-to’s from North American Fishing Club
Here you will learn how to tie Jig Heads Knot. For more animated knot videos, visit our site: http://www.marinews.com/knots/
WATCH IN HD. Went out to the pits for a evening with Blake aka Hav2 Fish. Caught a lot of big fish on his custom jigs and had a blast. Thanks for watching, enjoy\r***Check out [More]
Old school tip for catching catfish. Use jigheads tipped with your bait of choice and you can almost guarantee you’ll hook that cat in the lips. If you have ever fished for catfish then you [More]
A big jig head is used when fishing near the bottom and when fishing for largemouth bass in deep water. In this how to fishing tips video, Stephen Fatherree http://www.facebook.com/mylakeforkguide shows how to rig the [More]