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It’s an unfortunate occurrence for all anglers – sometimes fish swallow the bait resulting in your hook point being buried deep in the gullet with little chance of safe removal through conventional means. We owe [More]
This is the Inventive Fishing Gear Review of the Cuda Brand 18″ Titanium Bonded Large Dehooker. Be sure to subscribe to this channel and check out for other reviews and resources for saltwater anglers. | 877-442-4294 Captain Ben Wolfe demonstrates the use of a fishhook remover tool, also known as a de-hooker), when catch and release fishing. Featuring cisco fishing with light tackle and blade baits in northern [More]
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Hook Fishing – Hook Fishing In The Village Pond HD
Captain David Riemont from The Online Fisherman explains how to use a dehooker and the benefits of doing so! Watch more videos here:
DIY- How To Make Disgorger – Removal Tool Fish Hook In the Fish Mouth(3) Cây gỡ lưỡi câu Bạn khéo tay .Hãy tự làm đồ dùng gỡ lưỡi câu trong miệng cá,rất dễ , thông [More]