Fishing with polarized Oakley Sun Glasses. Simple demonstration…
In this video I talk about some very nice affordable polarized readers. My Contact Info: Email… Facebook…. Hawaiin Lenses…. GiudeLines…..
Please SUBSCRIBE and help us get to 20,000!!! My Glasses: In today’s episode I wanted to compare the more expensive fishing glasses that I have been using for about two years, to something more [More]
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Betty talks about the cool new products Smith Optics & Sun Cloud had at ICAST 2012
Onos Eyewear – Life In Focus. By combining the polarized lens with our unique reader magnification enhancement, we have created a product that eliminates the need for bi-focals or to switch glasses to read or [More]
Picture this, you’re out on a lake and it’s super bright and you are getting a headache because you’ve been squinting all day and all you need right now are sunglasses that work. These sunglasses [More]
Popticals sunglasses have polarized nylon lenses and they collapse to fit into a protective case! Have trouble with broken or scratched sunglasses lenses? Tired of carrying around bulky eyeglass cases? Check out popticals and start [More]