Penetrator Gaff with Carbon Fiber Handle 4 Inch Head: This light weight, Ultra Strong model boasts Custom Flock Rubber Grips ( Choice of Yellow or Black Grips). This Model Floats!
I make a gaff the same style as a cuda one out of a golf club from the thrift store, some epoxy, and a piece of stainless 1/4″ rod. Very easy process with just a [More]
Watch our fourth day in Liberia, Costa Rica with El Jefe Sportfishing out of the Papagayo Peninsula!! We have a luxurious “half lay day” and then head out for some tuna fishing!! Enjoy the video [More]
This is how to make a Spear Gaff for Offshore Kayak fishing for less than “three dollars.” Most likely the pieces you need to make this are in your garage. I needed a Hawaiian Spear [More]
InTheBite Dock Talk with Brad’s Bluewater Gaffs, hosted by Rachel Chesnes. Brad develops custom-made Calcutta bamboo gaffs. Hand crafted, light weight, strong, and beautifully design.
product made in Japan product made in stainless steel A hook is exchangeable It is with a spare hook 1.76 pounds in weight(0.8kg) Weighting 176 pounds OK The length is 2feet Condition of Item 100% Mint [More]
This is one of the most important tools you can have when kayak fishing offshore for large big game fish! Big toothy animals are dangerous to have in your kayak still alive! Here is my [More]
SUPPLIES BELOW: (they make glow in dark even!) In this video I make a lightweight custom fishing gaff from a broken golf club and other items I had around the house. This fishing [More]
Follow Braaaplive2strokes on Facebook at: Instagram: In this tutorial it will show how to make a new gaff from a VHF antenna. It will go step by step on how to make it. [More]