Dissecting forceps are an important instrument for handling tissues dissection. Adson forceps are used for a variety of applications and are available in different lengths. http://www.surtex-instruments.co.uk/surgical/forceps/dissecting-forceps-10092
A complete guide on the various extraction forceps used in Dentistry, with the 8 upper and 4 lower forceps to extract the incisors, canines, premolars, molars and the wisdom teeth. Explains even what an extraction [More]
Lane Bone Holding Forceps have the purpose of grasping and manipulating entire bones or bone fragments in order to reduce a fracture. These forceps also secure a bone in place while applying orthopedic implants. GPC [More]
Ophthalmology Specialty Forceps. Stainless or Titanium. http://www.capsulorhexis.com/forceps.html
GPC Medical is a leading renowned manufacturers and exporters of a range of quality sphenoid punch forceps and rongeurs. Designed with utmost precision using advanced machines, these punch forceps – 45 angle up/down have gained [More]
Your forceps can be used as an easy fishing knot tool. We all know using a loop knot allows a lure or live bait to behave more naturally, but many loop knots are just a [More]
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Lors d’un accouchement il est possible d’avoir recours aux forceps ou cuillères, mais dans quels cas ? Réponse de Caroline Schoch, sage-Femme. Pour en savoir plus sur les forceps et la césarienne : http://bebe.notrefamille.com/maman/grossesse/accouchement/forceps-cesarienne-et-delivrance-m390.html
How to tie fishing knots with forceps or pliers very quickly.