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In this Q&A, Brian Flechsig at Mad River Outfitters breaks down how to prevent your rod guides from freezing over in the winter, how to prevent your fly line from being twisted, and when tippet [More]
Today I am learning how to repair a Rod Tip on a Micro Guides Fishing Rod. I snapped this rod tip off in a car door last year and I finally found the replacement kit. [More]
Bassmaster Elite Series professional bass tournament angler Kelly Jordon is at the Rod Threading Device (RTD) booth at ICAST 2018. Kelly is demonstrating the ease of running fishing line through the rod guides with the [More]
Making your own fishing rod guides isn’t going to be for everyone because it is time consuming and there are a lot of inexpensive guides available online. In my case, I’m building a rod for [More]
How to Repair a guide/runner on a fishing Rod, Fishing, https://www.youtube.com/user/TheHookandTheCook Please subscribe to our channel. Follow Scotty simple method of replacing a runner onto a fishing rod, its very easy give it a try. [More]
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MicroWave Guide System: Side by side comparison of the Doug Hannon MicroWave Guide System by American Tackle against standard spinning rod guides. MicroWave Guides are a WaveSpin Reels, Inc. owned product (Patent Pending). The MicroWave [More]
As a wrecker of things I have learnt to fix things also and this quick video that covers fixing the top eye on my fishing rod. I have only had the thing a couple of [More]