Fishing the famous Kenai River !! Will is the manned let me know if you guys enjoyed!!! -AP Rent an awesome rv!! —— Gear used in this video:Waders- Flannel- Mav’s Hat- Sam Sobi Instagram- YouTube- [More]
Eagle Claw Egg Removable Split Shot Sinker, 55 Piece (Silver) Review Eagle Claw Egg Removable Split Shot Sinker, 55 Piece (Silver) Great for sinking bait to the strike zone.Contains 55 Pieces
South Bend Egg Sinkers, 1.5-Ounce Review South Bend Egg Sinkers, 1.5-Ounce Design minimizes “spooking” the fish when the bait is takenUse for fishing in rivers or in currents5 per pack; Weight: 1-1/2 oz.
I really enjoy making fishing sinkers for catfish. Bigger sinkers can cost close to $1 a piece, and that alone pushes me to pouring my own lead. Beyond that, its a cool feeling to catch [More]
Tie A Running Rig Sliding Fishing Rigs How To Tie A Gummy Shark Snapper Fishing Rig Running For Fast Moving Water. Step By Step . This rig can be fished for Gummy shark (smooth Hound [More]
This is my favorite way to tie a 3-way slip sinker bait rig for bait fishing on the bottom with minnows, shiners, suckers, nightcrawlers, worms, hellgrammites, crayfish, cutbait, and other dead or live baits. These [More]
Maumee Walleye Run, quick tip on where to pick up egg sinkers.
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