Moscow has raised concern over France supplying weapons to Libyan rebels and over ambigious interpretations of the UN Security Council resolution on Libya.
Using Drones to Shoot Fishing Scenes
Using Drones to Shoot Fishing Scenes
The Assault Rifle of Fishing Drones! More options than a tricked out AR-15. Waterproof with a 4K underwater camera. $1699 gets you all the bells and whistles you’ll need to slay it. See why Swellpro [More]
I wanted to see if fish would bite in front of an eight pound underwater drone and the video speaks for itself. I am currently editing another PowerRay video so stay tuned 🙂 My affiliate [More]
So I wanted to mix things up and use my DRONE to catch fish and it worked! If you enjoy this video and want to see more SMASH that like button and drop a COMMENT [More]
Monster fishing trip with SplashDrone 3 by East Coast Sliders on Frazer Island, Australia. Get giant fish from the deep without breaking the sweat. Original video goes here Music by Bustin Loose (with lead) [More]