Dredging 8010 HP Swinging Ladder Dredge – IMS Dredges- Dredge Animation – Dredger Projects
This video was taken in the state of California between 2008 and 2013. It shows various kinds of ships and boats. Boat styles are U.S. Coast Guard, dredging, fishing, leisure, and speed. Some days were [More]
Dredge cam of blue marlin getting up close and personal.
http://TheBoaters.TV First up: Looking for an alternative solution to a high-priced boat? How about an inflatable kayak?! According to Trevor Kugler’s article on EzineArticles.com, they are amazingly durable and can be a fraction of the [More]
http://FishDownsea.com This video is an overview of our new creation, the Dredge Shad. These are the first and only of their kind, pre rigged and ready to go. They are pre wired, internally chin weighted, [More]
How we run our squid dredge on our Sea Hunt Gamefish 30 Center Console.
Squid nation dredge kit, how to build and assemble a dredge. Kit includes 34 9″ Squid Nation Squids in your choice of color, leader, crimps, weights, and snap swivels. Raise fish to your boat, pull [More]
In this video Chuck explains some of the most important factors involved in choosing the right dredge for you, your boat, and your crew. He also demonstrates some of our most popular dredge teasers while [More]