To start out catfishing I would recommend using 2/0-4/0 circle hooks fished with worms or small pieces of cut fish (like sunfish, or gizzard shad). 20lb mono-filament test line will work great for fish under [More]
500M PE Max Power, Aranl Popular, Tri-Poseidon Series Super Strong Japan Multifilament PE Braided Fishing Line 20 LB and 30 LB ( Review – Cheap Braid Fishing Line from China on Ebay Dyneema also on [More]
Slip knot for fishing / attaching heavy Mono, Fluorocarbon leader to your hook or swivel. Very easy and strong knot to tie when fishing with heavy line. Not sure of it’s actual name but I [More]
Dave talks about the advantages of braided line.
I bought some of this Hercules 50lb fishing line. It seems to work well so far, I did notice it breaking pretty consistently at 30lbs or so at the Knot. The Knot is the weakest [More]
Dan talks about Spectra Fishing Line vs Mono. Why you should use it and how it has changed the way we go fishing today. Subscribe to Sport-Fishing YouTube channel Here: Don’t forget to Comment, [More]
Step by step instructions to tie a 30 lbs. braided line to a heavy 60 lbs. mono leader with 3X the diameter. Video shown in 1080p-HD.
you need nylon fishing line tire clue and Bison Mastic silicone kit
Check out the NEW Snook and Tarpon Shirts! This is part 2 of my Collab with Chris and Josh. We found an epic school of tarpon feeding on glass minnows. Between 5 anglers we [More]