Join Project Designer, John Doyle, on a trip down memory lane as he builds a project from his childhood. Re-create this set of chairs and a table to make a fun playset for your kids. [More]
In this video I’m showing you guys 50 genius and amazing uses for plastic 5 gallon buckets! None of these ideas are mine; I just wanted to show you what some amazing people have done [More]
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This home made live bait bucket, is a great and cheap alternative. I would even go as far as saying it’s number 1 for shad and minnows! The oxygen the bait fish get is natural, [More]
Five gallon bucket projects overview and how to make things with 5 gallon buckets and product reviews.
This project was made out of pvc and buckets, and holds around 700 lbs of weight. Thanks to scorchereditz for the music. — Articles Referenced in this Video — Bucket Sailboat: Moving Boxes: Steam Engine: Fuel Storage: Bicycle Panniers: — Other Links — Start your Own Bicycle Transport Company: Pallet [More]
Hello everybody, this is my latest prototype that I filmed 3 weeks ago. It failed after 45 minutes in the water. Check out the links below for a complete video of how to flatten PVC [More]
The Broll 5 Gallon Bucket Cart in action…..
Every time I wanted to clean my saw blades, I had to struggle to do so because a bucket is so deep. As Paul Akers of FastCap says, fix what bugs you and stop struggling. [More]