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Capt Jason with Longfin Sport Fishing was a guest on the fishing show. He shows us how he sets up his rig for catching large sharks.
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Kiribati Ferry Search Expands After 7 Are Found AliveAir Commodore Darryn Webb said Monday that the seven survivors were still on the fishing boatthat had rescued them, because New Zealand’s military needed it to stay [More]
Its time for a REAL Ice Fishing Competition! This is the LAST of three s that involves a 3-part Competition where each part takes place during a different season.all at the same lake!\r\rIn the first [More]
The battle of tungsten vs lead weights for fishing! In this video we look at which metal wins and which one will help you put more fish in the boat. What are the differences between [More]
How to Make Your Own Punch Weights for the Punch Rig (DIY Sasuteki) Bass Fishing Rig. The punch rig is a great way to flip and pitch into thick cover in close range fishing. The [More]
Watch this new Patent Pending Weight from Jenko Fishing called the Creature Weight. Its amazing counterweight system causes the bait to glide, turn, and even go backwards into the face of trailing fish. This subtle [More]
Went back to Los Vaqueros for catfish fishing. Using Sardines and Shrimps for bait. Its definitely not illegal to use Shrimps for bait @ vaqueros so no worry. Water Level went really high since the [More]