Lures Shown: 1. Lucky Craft Pointer (not sure exact model, received from my MTB pro box) 2. Lanier Football Jig (1/2 ounce, zoom super chunk trailer) 3. Strike King Red Eye Shad (1/4 ounce, chili [More]
The most INSANE conditions I’ve ever fished in the Winter!!! Trekking a mile through a foot of snow to fish a half frozen pond… The odds were heavily against us, but we soaked our lines [More]
Big fish catch and tips for fishing cover! INDEX: Giant bass :00 Cover fishing tips 3:05 Rod: Faclon Bucoo micro 7ft heavy Reel: lews LFS 7.5:1 Line: 15 pound seaguar invizx fluorocarbon Bait: missile baits [More]
Fishing Lure Minnow Crankbait Hard Bait 2 3/4
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Swivits Mission is to reduce or end the tons of Lead added to our Oceans and Lakes every year. For decades Lead has been a fisherman’s only choice to Bottom fish. At Swivits we provide [More]
4 pound 7 ounce largemouth caught on 6/4/09 in Concord, NH by pitching a beaver bait on a 3/8th ounce tungsten weight.
Here are the best ways to peg a weight for fishing the Texas rig. Here’s how to stop breaking line. Learn easy tips and tricks to quickly peg a weight and get back to fishing! [More]
The uses for paracord are as limitless as the imagination. In this easy to follow DIY tutorial, I show how to make use of the small scraps from various other projects that you may have [More]
It’s Snapper Time and Sandra & I are on a time schedule to get our limit. We rush over to Biscayne National Park to see if we can get our fish fry on tonight. With [More]