Trout Fishing with a GoPro. Bennett Springs, Lebanon Mo.
How to change your prop – step by step | Jase and our mate Billy Berg walk you through the features of the XT12 pop-top off-road camper trailer that Simon got to enjoy out on Series 10. Join us on Facebook: See [More]
Hi Guys, I’ve been wanting to get a wide lens for my Panasonic G7 Camera, but every decent lens is SO EXPENSIVE! (Excess of $1000.00!) So I decided to settle on a cheap fish eye [More]
Testing a few Mercury Props today, the Fury 4 blade and Fury 3 blade watch the results coming up! In this video I test my new Mercury Fury 4 blade and Mercury 3 blade props [More]
An afternoon session at my syndicate pool which seemed like it was going to be easy, but proved anything but… Thanks for watching and tight lines. Nic Music in this video is courtesy of :-Boxcat [More]
Lake Winnebago Ice Fishing Conditions (snow storm): 02-01-15
6 22 15 Fishing Nujig offshore