Girls Night Out…
Hello People Blazing Magnets here Hope you enjoy our latest adventure and all the ones we have coming up. We love Meeting up with other magnet Fishers And generally have a laugh when we are [More]
Моя вторая рыбалка на мормышинг. Нашли в болоте много разной рыбы! Рыбалка весной часто проходит на мелководье, вот и эта рыбалка 2019 не стала исключением. Наноджиг позволяет поймать не только хищника, но и мирную рыбу [More]
Scott is back yet again with another instalment of his TA RAW vlog! In this video, Scott is back on Linch Hill’s Christchurch for another tuition. The fish are clearly waking up as they are [More]
CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY unexpected giant flathead! What are some crazy catches you guys have had, comment below! *The rod I caught it on* For Updates Check my insta **Make Sure to go Follow [More]