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Take a look at the 13 Fishing Inception reel. In this video we will look at the reel features and then we will take it to the water for a field test.
Congratulations to A Acosta. You have until Jan 10, 2016 @ 8:30pm to respond. If no response I’ll pick another winner. Please check out my sponsors.
I love both of these reels so I thought why not find out what exactly goes into both of these reels. I was actually pretty surprised on what the have! you be the judge of [More]
The new 13 Fishing Inception SZ cast test! Everyone has been asking about this new 13 fishing “green reel” and asking for a cast test so i decided to give ya’ll a little sneak peak [More]
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Watch an honest comparison vs 13 fishing and Lew’s fishing products! I am not sponsored at all! BOTH REELS HAVE BEEN OILED! PLZ SUBBBBBBBBB!!!! $10 Tackle Shop Challenge:… Audio Creds: Texas Techno by Audionautix [More]
Pictures taken June 7, 2018 thru June 13, 2018. More Reports at Our website is …