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In this episode of Adreno Tips, Taylor Slattery shows you what pole spear fishing is all about, and what pole spear is best for you. Taylor’s filming from the Adreno Brisbane, of which stocks the whole range showed in this video!

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tolga1cool says:

Keep that polespear and give me one of those C4's on the right thanks

BoostedSnail says:

Will these ship anywhere in Australia?

Mick Knowles says:

I’m disappointed that after getting the headhunter predator pole off you guys, that u DONT CARRY ANY spare parts. Had to get them direct from headhunter USA with hefty shipping cost. Poor form.

Jacob Novac says:

I’m in the USA what’s shipping cost on that

thors blot says:

started off with a hand spear or "hawaiian sling" as we called them. got a crappy yellow fibreglass one which would leave fine fibreglass splinters in your hands, and was too heavy. Then got a really light anodized blue aluminium sling with the label "pacific dart", which has a torpedo profile, and still have it today. We'd buy surgical rubber and make out own sling ribbers, stronger than the ones the dive shop sold, and those slings would bullet through the water. I like being able to have a rest and lean on my sling whilst floundering around over shallow reef. Lazy diving. Took me ages to finally get used to my speargun.

Tony Y says:

Many polespears cost more than a speargun 🙁 The Japanese Falcon polespear is 12' and costs £272 / $357 (in Japan) but it is made of carbon fibre & titanium.

xan kenlock says:

can you do a video on roller guns or higher end guns such as the c4 thanks

tbone339 says:

Good vid guys!! I live in Hawaii and I use both gun and pole spear because a pole spear is just so simple easy and effecient

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