Pole Spear VS Speargun

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both my cousins and i went for a swim on my birthday out in Old Road, Antigua. am useing a polespear and he has a speargun.


Byron shire Adventures says:

Such small fish would feed my mouse

Douglas Cox says:

great video, Im a noobie spearo and it was good to see a normal non cinema giant fish pole spear video with young guys getting dinner. You did better than me at that age. Happy B Day. Thanks for being real….you don't always get big ones, and you still gotta eat.

Akebomba says:

C'mon guys, don't hate them for too small fish, we all started in shallow water and small fishes. You think they would go as newbies in deep water or even do bluewater big game. So chill y'all.

m1 Garand says:

You got enough fish to fill up a sardine can.

Anthony Pesiri says:

Wait a couple of years the fish will be bigger and probably legal to harvest…..

ROUGH says:

You don’t have to shoot everything you see bro…. disliked

Kenneth Lee says:

Way to small all those fish,leave them be and Focus on bluewater Gamefish

Kenneth Lee says:

To small those fish to spear

tadasaka says:

I always use Pole Spear.

rico salazar says:

remove snorkle from your mouth

Garry Mcgrath says:

Depends on the fish I need range so it's a gun for me

Vinson Smith says:

Looks like a lot of fun but jabbing that puffer was cruel. I know y'all are young but there is a balance in life that needs to be respected. Next time focus on stealth and hunt the big boys ….

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