How to make a pole spear slip tip at home

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In this video you will see how to make a pole spear slip tip, this spearfish tip it is multipurpose because it can be used in different spears pole and all speargun and harpoons, it is safer because it avoids vibrations when the fish is hooked. I made it from the stainless steel bolt and tube, from the bolt I made a pivot in one end and I put it inside the tube by pressure using a hammer, then I soldered the union with silver and the excess I rough it with a file, later I made the tip round, is less penetrates but it does not deform very easily when it hits a rock, then almost in the center I made a a flat cut with the hole where the cable is going to hold it with the rope. I hope you like the video and it is useful, because the sliding tips cost over 30 or over 40 dollars.


Big Chungus says:

Mickey Mouse..🐭

Mohd Aizuddin says:

Kuku panjang. Hitam pulak tuh

churin churin chunflay says:

Como que hablas mas español que ingled

Matheus Soares says:

I made a pole spear with sliptip system by myself too! I have a video showing it on my channel, cheers!

John M says:

Hola, Love your video and method you figure out with limited tools and materials

A little flux on the brazing joint , for some stuff like that, I cut a piece of solder and drop it inside the tube bottom . Just a thought.

Get a piece of leather or rubber for padding on Drill in vice.

Where are you located? I have lots of scrap metal if you want it, just pay shipping.

This video is great for people who think you need lots tools to make gear. Use what you have and create. Impressive.

Mark H says:

thanks for posting this Do you use just a knot to attach the line or do you crimp it? Do you use wire or mono?

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