PFD Review – Chinook NRS

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Derrick reviews his XXL Chinook PFD from NRS. Great jacket, but not a centimeter too big


Dustin says:

Is this better than the auto inflate ??? The autos just seem so much more comfortable

Mike Spillane says:

Nice looking rig,I would buy it and add to the straps… big deal done it on some tactical stuff

Jonathan Julbe says:

Wow , what an awesome review. I'm head to check one of those thanks to you.
Your issue have an easy fix brother. U can easily extend those wraps . Thanks for the video .

goodgoin1 says:

Almost went with Stohlquist brand then found NRS, fit a little better than yours.
Stohlquist was slightly bigger size but was harder to adjust the pockets weren’t as useful.

goodgoin1 says:

Shouldn’t be this difficult to find stuff that fits. I’m the same height and close to the same size. Thanks for the video saves me time driving around looking for one that fits.

David Hefner says:

If it's just the straps being the issue maybe take it to a tack shop (horses) or a tent and awning shop that can sew extensions or complete rebuild. Losing weight would be another thought…and cheaper.

Deb In Massachusetts says:

How is it in the hot weather? I’m built like you, just shorter and tend to overheat.

Tomas Tomas says:

Dude, just cut the side straps in half, get some more from flippin' Dome Depot or somenthing.. and sew them on .. just extend them .. job done! 😉

B L Marchant says:

Video well done! I had wondered how/where to do the carry concealed thing while kayaking. Easy solution! I like all the pockets and gadgets. We girls also have chest measurements to deal with.. some more than others, of course. And bulky clothing is always a factor! Thank you for posting this. The more we know, the more we can make informed decisions 🙂

Dom Bogey says:

What color option was that? On their website they dont show that specific color option. Thanks and great vid.

Precision Angling says:

Buying because the ability for it to carry my G27. Love the info.

Chris Lockard says:

Thanks for the review. Bought one after your review and agree with your points.

BassMan Strikes says:

Have some extensions sewn on the straps 😀

KidBako says:

Enjoyed your review.  I am 6' – 2" and 240 lbs and won a large/XL Chinook a couple months ago.  Too tight so I called NRS to see if I could exchange it for an XXL. No problem!  Not only did they exchange it, they also had me printout a UPS shipping label to send it to them.  Wow, that is some great customer service and I agree they have some great products.  Love my Chinook!

Afro Bassin TV & Outdoors says:

great review! Got one for my xxxl brother and cut all the straps in the middle and added material. ordering mine today thanks again

jjjjparks says:

Great review!  I just ordered my own Chinook based on your thoughts.

New Covenant Baptist says:

Thanks for the review! I'm 295, 5' 5", its all up top so this will not work seeing the fit on you. I too wish there was a 3x!

Jay says:

Thanks for the review. The G26 comment got me to pull the trigger on this PFD.

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