Kid Catches Giant Catfish!

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Lake Powell is FULL of fish! Every time we throw in we catch one. See day 1 here:

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Christopher Garr5 says:

I tube alot of times

Jay Elam says:

I’m a bass fisherman I have 6 rides

Eddie Kings says:

Who came here to see the comments that said the catfish was small

DJ Stickly says:

So where is the big one?

Cave Panda says:

Where is that

Jaczyn Martinez says:

I caught a catfish that was 15 pounds

Nill Will says:

I would to see them yuppie kids try to real in one that's over 30lbs it would probably snap there toothpick arms and cheap pole

Nill Will says:

Fish might be 3 pounds

Owen Bassett says:

Your not spose to keep a huk in a fishes mouth

Webb's Lawn Care says:

That ain’t big fish y’all city folk don’t know how to hold a catfish either

Macy Ali says:

Don’t wanna be a hater but that’s not a big fish

Fish Zone says:

Nice 2.5 pound catfish lmao

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