13 Fishing Prototype TX Spinning Reel Unboxing & First Impression

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The NEW 13 Fishing Prototype TX Spinning Reel is pretty impressive, watch as I unbox and give my first impression. The very first things that will stand out is the beautiful color and design, it’s robust but light and really looks sharp. It seems as though 13 is trying to push the envelope with new designs and engineering which I can truly appreciate. Some of the notable design features include the 4d forged main gear, this means the reel has strong internals and is perfect for live baiting around structure. The reel was only equipped with six high speed corrosion resistant ball bearings and to roller bearings. The anti reverse is very smooth and the rotor and frame are built from airfoil carbon to really help reduce weight while maintaining strength. This particular reel is the 5.3:1 gear ratio and can hold 160 yards of 14 pound braid. I can’t wait to test this reel for some time to give an update in six months or so, stay tuned. If you enjoyed this video, please like, share and comment.

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Dre' M. says:

After a stressful day of school & a anxiety attack or 2, it's good to watch your videos & relax…well try to anyways lol

stustamps says:

did you use backing before you spooled that braid on that reel?

Stephon Bacon says:

What rod is that?

HookzSet TV says:

Just wanted to say, after watching your channel blow up and see the quality of your videos increase I decided to start a fishing channel. Thanks for the inspiration brother keep on killing it!

ztyler USA says:

It’s worth every penny! One of the cleanest reels I’ve seen! 🔥

Felix Martell says:

Isn't that the reel you used in the previous video? You cheated me out of the unboxing Captain Joshua 😂😜. Great review bud. Looks like a decent reel. 🎣😎

Chris Canning says:

It’s a sick ass reel 👀

Robert Barnes says:

Nice looking combo but too much but to spend on a reel

Suellen Gonçalves - Pesca Esportiva says:

Congratulations, beautiful video, it seems where I fish here in Brazil.
Stay with God and good fishing.

wayne larson says:

Hope you have good luck with 13 ! I've had nothing but problems with mine , I've had two ice fishing poles brake and one reel self destruct ! My opinion is they are high priced unproven and marketed to the younger fisher-people !!

Bill Clinton says:

Loving the drone footage. Great video

Bare Knuckle Company says:

Gorgeous combo! Awesome video

lunatic27 062309 says:

I like that combo , nice color

Rick Higgs says:

Hey Josh.. Good to see another video from you.. So how's the weight of the reel? My Slammer III wears you out but I love the reel.. Thanks for sharing with us and giving us info on the reel.. Keep up the good work.. Always your friend, fan, and subscriber..

Aeron Mena says:

U r so lucky to be able to afford those reels👏

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