How To Load Your Kayak | Car Top and SUVs

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For this video, I am using Kristie to show you just how easy it is to load your kayak on a car or SUV. It is really more about technique than strength, so don’t be intimidated about loading a fishing kayak and don’t think that you have to be able to lift the weight of the entire kayak.
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530 Tactical says:

70 dislikes…. Must be the women😂

Margo Nickolson says:

Good job, thanks!

Tonto Bb says:

Good work miss kristy

Aldrig Sige says:

Aight cool, I got this. Gonna look a bit weird having a roof rack and a kayak on top of a camaro though…

Bachtiar Saleh says:

Lovely couple… Wish you a never ending happy life..

necrom21221 says:

Good video. Pretty wife.

Lega-C says:

Thank you, Christie! I was just saying it’s too hard to kid my kayak alone. You represented!

Marc Pipistrello says:

You can also use an extra strap to wind and cinch between the front and rear cross bars at the ends and slide your yak along that like a web strap ladder step.. It won't even touch the roof if you do it correctly.

J S says:

Lol buy an inflatable drop stich kayak, Sevlor Razor dropstich in a google search bar should get ya there 👌. Roll it up when your done and put it in the damn car haha.

Ryan Knowles says:

Nice demo! How much does this kayak weigh?

John Kuba says:

Nice Kayaks, what brand?

Free Pilot says:

Yeah if you want to scratch up your car. No thank you.

Josh H says:

Bro that kayak won't touch my paint. You are crazy as hell. They sell kayak suction rollers that help you. So much easier

Cindy Metsker says:

New car…J hooks…Im short…so.

Jett Reeves says:

Chad, do you recommend using bow and stern lines on top of a truck with a cap?

Sherrie Pros says:

Great video

Kori Whitchurch says:

i want to see you do it on a Toyota Prius and then drive down the road

Sivy says:

But i have a 4runner with a 3 inch lift on 33's

Amber Peterson says:

This is amazing !!! Your Gorgeous Wife is an absolute Gem! Thank you for sharing – I’m going to load the kayaks on my SUV before my Husband gets home from work and surprise him! Thanks again!!

Tobys812 says:

Got the same suv just need to get the bars this will be a way better option when I'm traveling far rather than my gas hog truck thanks for the vid

Eugene Orr says:

is that a 10 ft or 12 ft

robertbdesmond says:

Of course you don't care about scratching the paint on your car's roof…What if you are car topping 2 fishing kayaks?

Rolando Castro says:

Excellent tecnique, love the model and how she showed us, I am vertically "challenge" as well so I really appreciate the demonstration, thank you both very much!

PostersGaming says:

This was a great video and it had such good energy lol

Shelby Crawford says:

It’d be great to see a Christy do it with a J roof rack

unseenoutdoors s says:

He said with his kayak on a trailer in the background……..🤣

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