Fishing with Cow Tongue! Catfish Bait Fishing Challenge

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Can you catch catfish with cow tongue? This is the catfishing bait fishing challenge where we try to catch catfish with weird new fish baits.

Check out our grocery store catfish bait challenge video

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Wyatt johns outdoors says:

Catch and cook cow tongue like if u agree

Jacob Harrell says:

If u cut the skin off of the tongue and barbacue it its actually really good


I love this channel but at 2:17 it looks wrong

It's Karshmellow says:

10/10 would watch intro again

George Flegg says:

The thingy magigys are taste buds


5:24 my sister ha in japan

J Agelos says:

He is rubbing raw meat in his sons face and he is touching it that is just bad and the jokes yeah they are bad to

lil pump the kingggs says:


Bonehead Assassins says:

That was an expensive piece of bait. You should have cooked it for tacos instead.

Freddie Mercury 2.0 says:

A third of the video was you looking at the tongue

Luis Rivera says:

love it, keep em coming Sir!

RelaxAdam says:

how are you ?

Iconoclastic Existentialist says:

You're a funny man! I sent my lady friend a link to your videos. I'm taking her and her daughter to a fishing rodeo on June 1st. Our community has been having this fishing rodeo for 40+ years, some friends and I started a cat fishing club a while back, we have monthly tournaments with a $10 buy in. Half of the money goes towards prizes and stocking the C&O canal for the kids. Luke, your a good man! 📐

Joe O'Meara says:

Blasphemy. Boil that tongue. Enjoy.

Digging Deep Adventures says:

Never tried cow tongue, but I used to where out catfish on Mountain Oysters from hogs….

Silas Tebbitt says:

nubby things = testebuds

Stephen Lay says:

tongue is good to eat

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