BEST Bass Fishing Bait & How To Fish It (3 Different Ways)

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This is the #1 Bass Fishing bait for versatility. In this video I teach you how to fish it in 3 different ways and also how to rig the bait / the rod and reel I would throw it on. Let me know if you would like to see more how to fish videos! Also if you would like to see my second best bass fishing bait!

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KickinTheirBASSTV says:

What How To Fish video would you like to see next?!

Centi says:

Anyone know why he is tapping the side of the fish mouth? Does it knock the hook & loosen it up or something never seen that before so im curious if there is a reason?

Justin Holder says:

Awesome video man just wondering how close do you put the bobber stop from the bait

Brae says:

I don’t think crawfish are usually in ponds, so why does it work so well?

Civilian #72583119 says:

0:09 🎯

Mark Chambers says:

That's one dandy fish catching lure ❤️🤙 ty Mark

Mark Chambers says:

When you going to fish with your Dad again?

John Smith says:

You should put an orange beed on there as a stop and you can slow reel the bottom to catch more fish.

Rob Richards says:

World Class Douchebag. You yuppie frat boy, pretty-Ricki-looking motherfuckers should STAY OUT OF FISHING. Did you brush your hair between casts? Hey, that shirt is too small. What is that, Xtra medium? Fuck you, you fucking fuck.

Gary Alexander says:

I bet when this dude misses a bite, the lure goes flying out the water and past his head

Alexander Sharpley says:

What is this outro song…? 😍

rodv66 says:

Do you make a video on the gear using the rods and the reels

Dustin Stevens says:

Strokin a what!? 😳

mikeymouse1985 says:

Im sure having your own stocked pond doesn't play in to the random pond u find driving highway and fish there

Dalton Spriggs says:

When you need a moving bait, just use a crank bait lol

Benjamin Sperry says:

Are you in Georgia


I love zoom for their worms and lizards, but for craws throw a ragecraw, can't beat the action on them.

Parker Isham says:

What kind of hook is that and how heavy is your weight?

Luruya says:

Why do y all ,,bass fishermen’’ as you call yourself do those exagerate hook set.That s not necessary plus it looks bad.You even lost one because u exagerated with that hook set…i swear y all don t know how to fish

Edward Mitchell says:

Never caught a bass before I used to just fish for bream when I was younger taking my canoe out tomorrow to see if I can catch a bass in thanks for the content

Geeks-a-musing gamer Jorden says:

Where do you buy the crawfish jigs?

Nathan walker says:

Did any one else see the fish jumping in the background at 4:24

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