Bait Caster Bass Fishing + Chicken Update!

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Quick update on my chickens before a nice morning of bass fishing which quickly turned into a tournament! Enjoy and check out the links below to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!


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John T says:

10.43 + , bigger guns than your average follower , fish don't stand a chance !

southern georgia says:

Always playing with my mind and teasing my pole

Jimmy Shrauder says:

Beautiful fishing 🎣 video you’re so gorgeous amazing job 👌🏻🤟🏻👍🏻🤩

J Monslow says:

Hello from Kansas once again another awesome video keep it up lady

Bobby Jenkins says:

I still wait for you and you sister doing the coppertone girl poster

Morgan Lammert says:

Louis,,,,,,,,,,,,,this is JACKIE SHEA FISHING!!!!!!!!!!

Robert Prout says:

I think you should strip off those sweatpants so we can get a good look at your ass and make sure that injury isn't too serious. Don't worry about undergarments we're all trained in the medical field to recognize a perfect ass I mean puncture wounds. Jacki where's the bikini and boobs?

david terry says:

You and your chickens are so cute!😍 Yes holding them more will tame them down…🐥🐥🐔

Liviu Dragnea123 says:

to tan well that it comes in the summer now to permanently muddle us

Liviu Dragnea123 says:

Jacky likes me crazy when I see you bent or at the saucepan just so I would treat you daily

BAD Fishing BissAnschlagDrill says:

Really nice vid👍🏼 Greetz from Germany 🇩🇪✌🏻️ please comment one of my vids🙏 you are a dream 🎣💪🏻

Blazing Cosplay says:

The more time you spend with your chickens the more friendly they are. Also depending on the sex, males will be friendly at first then distance themself as they grow were as the females are vise verse. I got about a 100 now and most mine will come running when they see me. Treats work real well to.

Alexander Ertel says:

You guys make a beautiful couple.

Robert Bruce says:

Can’t you do bass fishing with a spinning rod?

Darth Vader says:

No interesant

Patrick Magee says:

Catching bass or hooking that tight ass?

Cesar Guzman says:

He catch a big ass 😂😂

Hayden Wells says:

Oh shit I’m in trouble

Brandon Ratcliff says:

U guys are Life!!!

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