Fishing Challenge *ONE Rod – ONE Hour* (Using My Zebco 33 Combo)

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I was challenged to fish for one hour with only one combo by none other than Randizzle! We decided to make it a friendly 1 vs 1 fishing challenge. I had a secret combo that I though could give me the upper hand! Thanks for watching feeshin friends!


In what other type of fishing challenges would you like to see Randizzle and I partake?


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Alvin Wine says:

Hahahaha I still sport my push button zebco 33 as well haven't taken her out for a while but after watching you I'm motivated think I will give it a try tomorrow

Peter CPRail8748 says:

You almost had it

Just do It. says:

Wow, I was the 199th like

Ricardo Rodriguez says:

Hurry up bro

mikesyr says:

I caught so many fish on an old Zebco 33 when I was a kid. Nothing to write home about, but LOTS of fish. Had to learn somewhere.

Randy Mirando says:

Got my first SLX and all I can say is. AMAZING

BAN Fishing says:

Need to do this with someone in my town pretty sure there might be some buddy lol

Josh Childers says:

Is there a reason you aren't using KastKing gear anymore? Just curious

Felix Martell says:

Great challenge bro, almost tied it. 🎣😎

Morty Ditchtroll says:

I used to yell at my son reel it in!reel it in! He's like I'm trying…… Those 202's are comical

john doe says:

CottonCoredell spots been treating you nicely. fun video!

Dou fishing says:

Great videos like this challange zebco rod 🤙👍

John Baker says:

I've got an old zebco 33 (all chrome body) platinum series medium rod, still using it… Ya just gotta CLEAN them once in a while. 😊😎

Mark S says:

This is what fishing is all about. Major fun and buddies just having some friendly competition.

Gizmo Carr says:

I think you sandbagged the challenge starting out with a buzz-bait. You are Mr. Lippy Lip-less and casting a buzz bait on a 3.1 to one spin-caster was obviously ludicrous. You would have easily cleaned you friend’s clock casting a trap. Rhino rods are about as sensitive as a rod made from over cooked Ramen noodles. Sandbagger number two was dragging a jig along the bottom of Mucky mucks pond of snotty slime. Then the plot thickens. Out comes Super Spot to save the day. Casting out from a windblown bank with every bass in Pond Mucky muck feeding like a fat girl at a Days Inn all you can eat brunch. With only minutes left on the clock, you hook the biggest bass. Then almost tie for the most bass in the last seconds of the challenge. Headline reads WWF Debo VanDam misses winning by seconds at the Zebco 33 Bass Super Challenge. I use to fish Bassin Buddy tournaments. When we could not get a bite, I would pull out my Popeil Pocket Fisherman and start casting a Pop-R on it. When my partner saw what I was doing, he went stupid laughing. I once caught a three pounder on it fishing with him and he always reminds me about that fish when we are fishing together. Videos like this one might make you famous.

Hugo Colibrí says:

Old skool pistol grip! 🤣🙋‍♂️nice choice feeeshin friend

Randall Pink Floyd says:

Zebco 🔥🔥🔥 My mother actually caught a huge steelhead on a zebco 33 combo. Got it to the net after a titanic battle, then sat down and cried! 🤣

Greg Hinton says:

Well, whaddya think there Tommy? Where dese feeish at? Oh I don't know Harold. Why doncha chunk dat spinnerbait. LMAO. Good stuff. Fun challenge with the push button versus the Dizzle. Good video. And didn't fall down. Improvement 😆

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