Should you use BRAIDED line? On a BAITCASTER? On a SPINNING REEL?

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Some anglers use straight braid…
Some anglers use braid to a leader…
Some anglers despise braid…
Let’s discuss the usage of braid. Braid has benefits and drawbacks for baitcasters and spinning reels. I think there are some real world applications that may cloud the view on braid. We’ll discuss all that an more in this video. More importantly…PLEASE COMMENT. We need input from everyone that watches so we can all learn and grow as anglers.

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The Braid I Use:
My Froggin Setup:
My Spinning Setup:


Life of Dave says:

Use braid for topwater and finesse applications. Fluorocarbon or copolymer lines for pretty much everything else.
Monofilament still has its uses though such as when throwing crankbaits or when saltwater fishing. If you can’t “feel” the bite with anything other than braid, you’re just being stupid.

MrEricdgreat says:

I use spiderwire and it just keep snapping 65 lb. so now it’s just as back up to leader.

Philip Dotson says:

I have never really used braid just because of the fear of backlash and the higher memory and idk if they see it or not but any fear of missing bites because they see it is scary. Also Berkeley vanish fluorocarbon has been great to me so no reason to look at braid.


Cool video! I personally don’t think bass can see better than humans, because they have a brain the size of a pea. On a side note i use braid backing on everything, saves alot of money. Thanks dude

D Lo says:

I have heard people argue visibility a lot when it comes to line, but with moving baits wouldn't the fish know the line is there regardless (i should say they feel something around not know its line)? Wouldn't they be able to sense the line moving water or the vibrations travelling up the line?

crazy observations says:

Baits with double treble hooks are a tangled mess with braid

FixDylann says:

I just got a baitcaster and already have braid but it's 70lb will that work or nah

D Cooper says:

Personal opinion, I hate braid for most applications. I only use it for froggin. I use thin flouro on my spinning outfits. Mono on everything else

Bassing Around TV says:

I use braid on every rod in my boat, I usually take anywhere from 3 to 5 rods ready with different lures/softs ect. All with 10 to 15lb braid.

Frankybaby 89 says:

Tho when using baits for bottom fishing line occasionally breaks braid doesn't always do good on Rocky surfaces

Frankybaby 89 says:

I believe also braid the way to go like blue or green color lines I fish mostly on rivers or Lake Erie

Nick P says:

I started on mono 30 years ago changed to fluorocarbon to be stealthy. I eventually tried braid with a fluro leader that kept kept that for a while one season the leader kept on breaking I got frustrated and just used braid no leader the fish did not notice. I now use straight braid on everything w/ no leader.

michael shoffner says:

I use straight flouro in a 17 or 20 lb test because i really hate when the braid digs into itself. I fish 7 ft 9 heavy action with a fast tip rod and Kastking reels and really dont have a problem making longs casts and i do fish a clear lake. Whatever works for you and i have spent big dollars trying to find something that works for me. I just tried the Spyderwire Invisabraide and took it off. Sorry but braid just doesnt work for me

Lachlan O'Neil says:

If you are fishing heavy braid to avoid cut offs from snags but you cannot even break it off at all then it's too heavy correct?

Lachlan O'Neil says:

Kastking is actually Dacron, it lasts along time but it is almost as thick as thin mono.

OncE Lyzar says:

Channel Lebay

SaltyDad says:

Thanks for the explanation…..I'm about to goto South Carolina and do some surf fishing…..and am considering putting braided line on my reel for further casting ability. Sorry to ask a nutty question, but I plan on using a leader, so would I attach the leader directly to the braided line, or would a swivel be a better choice? I am planning on using live and artificial baits depending on what seems to be working best. Thanks in advance!

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