HOW TO Use Braided Fishing Reel Lines!

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Braid is becoming more and more popular amongst feeder anglers, but it still has a misconception and many anglers seem to be confused about how to use it properly.

So, to clear up any confusion we asked Preston and England Feeder Ace Mick Vials to run through exactly how to use braided reel lines.

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Ken Brennan says:

With regard to the breaking strain, I feeder fish for just bream and skimmers and currently use 8lb braid with shock leader.
My question is should I really be going up to 18.5lb braid even when distance fishing- i’m still only catching 4 to 6lb Fish…?

Orson Kaart says:

Nice and clear instructions, thank you!

Matthew Davies says:

just one quick question if i may 1 how do you tied it to a swivel tried a half blood and it just slips i would be using a floro hook link just wasnt sure how to go about it just tired of mono going about my rod it

Andrew Price says:

Why do you need a shock leader ? The braid is strong enough. Isn't that the point ?

William Coldrick says:

Preston have needed a propper box side tray looks like it's coming!

Kitchen Philosopher says:

interesting channel, come and visit us Лайк!!! СУПЕР… good video.

cns180784 says:

Do you always have to use a mono shock leader for fishing with braid as your mainline?

bosch power says:

Fishing 20years Whit braided line never have problems Whit dry line so, im thinking you do it wrong

shed43a says:

This vid make me think when I used braid for the 1st time. It was with the original Sigma wand. Any one how far back the wand was 1st out ?

Easy Fishing says:

Thank god I was beginning to think I was the only one using the allbright knot! All the other leader knots are definately are not as strong or slim.

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