BEST Braided Line for Bass Fishing??? (BOLD CLAIM!!!)

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What is the BEST braided line for bass fishing???
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Ruben Figueroa says:

Kast King Super Power braid 40lb test is excellent budget braid. Trust me you will no regret trying it

Jeffrey Wise says:

Seaguar braid is black

Daniel Flowers says:

kastking kastpro braids and do you like Shimano reels and rods

Brian Garza says:

What is the max pound of your reel rated 4? is it better to use braided line rated for 50 lb on a real that can only hold 18 lb testline

Caleb Rabion says:

I'm ready to try some of the new Googan braid.

Fishing is Life says:

Were you chewing tobacco at 3:46

Never Retreat says:

I just want to thank you for reinforcing my decision to not use braid as a line a couple years ago. You get backlashes with all lines but with braid they are a trip or day ender. Not so with mono. You forgot to mention what that backlash cost you in line, as braid is expensive. Also I am 43 years old and have fished with mono my whole life and never once got a wind knot until I tried braid a few years ago. Wind knots, expense and trip ending backlashes is why I went back to mono.

Joe R says:

I've got most of my strikes on top of water while I was either on the phone, taking a piss, or untangling my line.

Jim Taylor says:

Lets see you fish with white braid , have not seen any one do one with white braid and a review on it . But that`s only if you would do a video on white braid if you want too
It`s not a challenge or dare on the white braid line just wondering on it

CaptainFluffyHD says:

Yo that reel looks so cool how much is it I got 80 dollars

Snook Snagger says:

Power pro is the best but I’m a saltwater fisherman

Northeast Pac-Man says:

Second favorite is cortland master braid and Ande braid

Northeast Pac-Man says:

My favorite is suffix 832 ,, I have had too many break offs with power pro,, the older power pro was better ,,, I have heard god line has a lot of break offs as well

david wilson says:

So I get that this is an old video and I’m just recently starting using braid. I spooled up some J Braid x8 and figured I needed to adjust the drag to where the braid would come out without digging into the rest of the line. Since then I haven’t gotten any backlashes and I wish someone would have told me that sooner

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