Would you Pay $400 for Fishing Pliers? Van Staal Unboxing

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Would you Pay $400 for Fishing Pliers? Watch as we unbox the 7″ Van staal saltwater fishing pliers and give our honest feedback. Van Staal has been around for sometime, they do make a quality reel so my wife decided to purchase some nice pliers for my birthday. I have liked the notion of owning a pair but good never pull the trigger due to the price. After receiving them and reading the literature that came in the box, I have decided to happily return them to invest my money in more promising fishing equipment. There were three primary deal breakers for me and here they are:

1. $400 Price is very high, especially when comparing them to other brands on the market.
2. A one year warranty, even my cheap T-reign pliers have a five year warranty and Danco makes a $70 pair of pliers that has a lifetime warranty. To pay $400 and not receive a lifetime guarantee is a slap in the face in my opinion.
3. The sheath wasn’t designed with fisherman in mind, who wears a belt fishing? Maybe if you are a catalog fisherman but no true fisherman wears a belt every time they hit the water. We need a functional clip that can be used on all types of shorts.

These where the top three deal breaks for me, do you own a pair? Let me know your thoughts below. Please be sure to give a thumbs up, subscribe and comment.

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Adriana Calise says:

My husband owns a few staals, told me to never grab him the pliers, they now sell reels under 400$ (vm 150) and again 1 year warranty what the hell is that, makes Staals look bad as the vsx line is the best reels on the market with only stella and saltiga being any real competition at that they dont hold a candle to the vsx in the surf

King P says:

$400? I can use a quarter of that on rods reels lures and pliers and still catch as much fish as you smfh

Ronald Ayala says:


Fong Xiong says:

That thing better be able to make me sammiches when I'm hungry and talk to me when I'm bored.

Kacey Le says:

Let me use 1 example .
When it’s come to flood in your area , would you rather choose between a Honda or a Hummer for your survival? I know for sure I’ll pick a Hummer !!!!!.
Vanstaal don’t need much warrantee because it’s made like a tank and I don’t think I’ll ever need for it, except for replacing it the blade and the anvil part. I had 7 of them and I haven’t had any issue with it at all. I had 5 of the 7in ,and 2 of the 6in vanstaal and it’s feel good to have best where I’m at . To me sometimes It’s all depend on your budget and the taste of your fishing material to the next level that all. another words for it was that you buy the plier within your budget.

Yodaddi Jim says:

Great video, Josh. Love the leather sheath of the Van Staal but price is overkill. I love my Bubba Blade pliers mainly bcuz of the strong grip it provides but I am very interested in those T-Reign pliers. Thx for sharing.

Randy R says:

So what did you get with the $400 refund , did you wife let you buy more fishing gear?

NortheastAngler says:

The sheath is for suftcasters in the northeast, who always wear belts. That price is crazy though.

juggalotic says:

Imagine fishing on a boat with those. You drops them in the water and that's 400 down the drain.

PITDAWG1977 1977 says:


addictiontothewild says:

Great video!!

Kim Chi says:

It's nice pliers I have 8 of them $400 each

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