Split ring plier review (fishing)

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A review of fishing spilt ring pliers. I’ve listed below the pliers I reviewed and my score out of 10.
As an edit to the video the last 2 are made by Texas Tackle not Instruments!

Texas Tackle standard and large pliers – 9/10
Halco pliers – 8/10
IMA pliers – 6/10
Aliexpress job pliers 3/10
Rapala heavy duty pliers – 1/10

Part 2 is here

Part 3 is here


Muscle Tone says:

Great review. The Halcos for me are hands down the best pliers i have ever used due to the versatility they provide for big or small rings. Just as a matter of technique, I find that if you just keep sliding the pliers wedge along the slightly opened ring and then clamp again and keep working the split ring along is a way better way than having to clamp down hard with pliers that have no serrations (I truly dont know if that made sense). But if you use this technique with the Halcos (actually with any split ring plier) there is no need for serrations on the pliers at all as u are only using the bits on the pliers that open the ring

Fisho's Shore Angling Videos says:

Great review. Nicely done 🎥👍😊

mgzw90 says:

A great helpful review 😀

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